kinesiology brisbane

I believe that your needs are of the utmost importance and will take the time to truly listen to what you are hoping to achieve from each session.

My sessions are geared to providing understanding, guidance and insight to the reasons behind the issue at hand and help you to find a solution.


I have been working in clinic for over 9 years in both Sydney and Brisbane.

Prior to my life as a kinesiologist, I was a professional contemporary dancer and dance teacher. I have taught (and sometimes you will still find me here) contemporary dance technique at QUT Brisbane and other studios around Brisbane. I am avid yoga practitioner, fire twirler, hoola hooper, mountain trekker and even stilt walk! I don’t tend to live life in a box, that’s for sure. I love a challenge. I love to flow. I'm pretty good at having a go and then letting things go that are of no benefit to me. 

My interest has always been in how the body can express itself, whether through movement, intuition, muscle testing or deep meditation. I listen deeply. I observe.

The way in which Rachelle interacted with me as a patient was professional yet caring and I was made to feel comfortable in expressing whatever was on my mind. I think that’s really important in an emotional wellbeing therapy such as Kinesiology.
— TF, Cremorne


I specialise in women’s health; fertility, pregnancy and post natal care specifically. I love helping women navigate the immense changes that occur through these stages in life. I also work closely with immune conditions (think food intolerances, auto-immune diseases) and chronic health issues.

I LOVE helping people find their SPARK again!

Together we will work toward reaching your maximum capacity as a woman, athlete, performer and/or creative individual.

Rachelle was professional and made me feel comfortable. She understood my needs and provided a comprehensive explanation of what influences were disrupting my wellbeing so that they could be remedied and my optimal health be restored. Not only is Rachelle great at her craft but she is also a lovely person.
— HR, Cammeray

I also have a passion working with foods and their impact on the body. Through Kinesiology and Nutritional Energy Balancing, we can identify Immune Mismatch Response (IMR) to certain foods, nutrients and products and relieve the symptoms of these sensitivities. I will help you find the best fuel for your specific body’s needs and identify where there may be need to additional supplementation or focus.


I am dedicated to bringing brighter health, healing and deep understanding to my clients.
— Rachelle



Qualifications and Affiliations


Diploma of Kinesiology
(Create Your Reality QLD)

AKA Specialised Kinesiologist and Professional Mentor

Meditation for Kinesiology/ Intuitive Kinesiology

Aromatic Kinesiology Level 1

Diploma of Dance Performance

NAET Nutritional Energy Balancing

Sabotage Clearing and Goal Enhancement
(Malcolm Chaffer) 

Reiki 1st and 2nd Degrees

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