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Change of Season and Your Immune System

I love a good transition, especially when it concerns the weather. I don't know what it is, but the time of changing seasons just suits me to a tee. I love Autumn and Spring. However, these seasons do tend to bring up colds and flu's in more abundance than one would prefer. Which brings me to the immune system... What an amazing system this is. I recently undertook some further study on the immune system and how best to use Kinesiology to balance and strengthen this amazing protector and healer of the body. I am in absolute awe of the intricacies and the power of the immune system. However due to the complexity of the system, there are many ways in which is can become unbalanced. Today I will focus on the most common affliction of our Immune System that we become aware of, that is, when it becomes under energised and not fighting pathogens (bugs) as easily or as quickly as we would like. 


Here are some factors which may cause this to occur within your immune system and some tips to help combat them; 


Unresolved Stress. Yes I know you've heard it before but long term stress has such a negative impact on your body in so many ways. Prolonged stress causes the hormone Cortisol to be released in greater quantities than normal which will quickly shut down your immune system and cause lingering or repetitive colds and flu. So to strengthen your immunity consider reducing the stress in your life. HOW you ask?? Well Kinesiology is great at resolving stress. As is meditation, yoga, taking time out to breathe and relax... see my previous blog on Being in the Moment.


Toxicity in the body. Environmental toxins such as heavy metals, electro-magnetic stress, poor diet, pollution, un-filtered water, medication and alcohol etc can cause your immune system to go out of balance. The body becomes confused about what is good and bad and may start to fight your own tissues rather than the pathogens. This can cause auto-immune conditions and too much inflammation in the body. It can also weaken your immune cells. To help this, consider a good detox program (we can use muscle testing to work out what is the best way to do this for your body) and reducing your exposure the above mentioned items. Live clean.


Poor nutrition will certainly affect your immune system. If your body is not absorbing certain nutrients or they are deficient in your diet then your immune system will become compromised. Key nutrients for the immune system are; Vitamin C (broccoli, kiwi fruit, parsley, berries, citrus fruits), Zinc (Red Meat, Legumes), Antioxidants (Vit C rich foods, Vit E rich foods, Yellow and Orange Fruits and Veges and most of the "Super Foods"). There are also many herbs that can be used to strengthen the white blood cells, these include Astragalus, Olive Leaf and Shiitake Mushrooms. 


Cellular and Genetic Tendencies. We each have a specific constitution that is passed to us through our DNA and cells. If there is unresolved stress that is passed to us from our ancestors via our DNA, then that stress will tend to affect us at some point in our lives also. By using Kinesiology to balance the energetic state of your cells and DNA you can make some drastic changes to your immune system and overall health.  Resolving family traumas/ relationships can also be very powerful in changing the energy of your body also.


So in summary;


Reduce Stress

Eat well

Live clean

Resolve past traumas and negative relationships


Enjoy the last month of this transition season!