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Have you ever felt like the days are rushing past you?

I know I have. 


this is such a big issue in our modern life. 95% of all my clients list being overwhelmed, stressed or exhausted on their list of issues to address in their kinesiology session.  

We are constantly trying to fit more and more into each day. And we expect that of each other too. Just last night I called my insurance company (at 10pm at night) and got their answering machine. How frustrated I was! Why are they not available when I have time? Then I stopped and thought, actually no, it is unreasonable to expect someone to be available to answer my call late in the evening. But more and more we are offered 24/7 services- and then when they are not available it frustrates us. And need I bring up the The Smartphone? WOW. Hasn't that changed our work hours.  

So when you feel like it's all too much and you don't know where the week/month/ year has gone, here are some tips to stay present and make the most of your life. 


1. BREATHE. Dare I say it, but just taking a few deep breaths can change your whole outlook on life. To go the extra mile with this try some specific breathing techniques to calm the mind (meditation). More info to come on this...


2. SAVOUR your FOOD. How often have you scoffed your lunch while working and not even realised you ate! Take time to chew your food and taste it. This will also help your digestive system juice out all those lovely nutrients from your food and ease bloating. 


3. Make time for GENTLE EXERCISE. A walk around the block is good for the soul. Fresh air can do wonders for your mind. Stop and smell a flower. Pat the cat on the fence. Talk to a tree. Really, this is life.


4. Turn off your Technology. Many of us use the TV as background noise. But this chatter actually prevents our mind from calming down. If  you don't like silence, try some relaxing music in the background instead. Try uplifting music in the morning to get you going. Always turn off your laptop/ smartphone emails at least one hour before bed to ensure a restful sleep.


5. SMILE and LAUGH. Tell a joke. Listen to a joke and laugh out loud. Get those happy endorphin's flowing around your bloodstream. Surround yourself with positive people. It will make a difference.