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Self Love

Ok so I’m seeing a pattern emerging in my clinic at the moment. Self Love. With Capitals. 

I feel that’s all I need to say. But I will elaborate…

Self Love. Self Worth. Self Appreciation. Being OK with You (right now).

Different from ego stroking (note the lack of Capitals).

So many of us believe that giving ourself a kind word when we achieve something great (ie. getting through the day in one piece) is self centred and egotistical. Why? We would most likely say it to someone else. Why not say it to ourselves?


Why do we feel the need to be our own worst enemy in so many situations?


I believe there is some guilt tied up in this, perhaps from generations of self depreciation inflicted from different belief systems, particularly religious organisations. Is this a way to control the masses? Keep us believing we are weak and powerless? So perhaps there is Power aspect to this. 

Also there is the whole marketing phenomena; if we believe we are worthless, we will always be looking for the next best thing to give us some worth (think bigger car, TV, slimming product etc etc) So there is a money making element to this. 

Wow, imagine if we would transcend all this manipulation and truly believe we are great spiritual creatures. Would we buy those extra super control pantyhose?


So my motto is;
I love you Rachelle, just the way you are.


Try saying it to yourself in the mirror (I can feel you squirming from here!) 

Try saying it as you’re reaching into the cupboard for that sugary snack. 

Try saying it before buying that new fan-dangled kitchen appliance. 

Remember to insert your own name in there (whoops!)


And then see if you really do NEED, or if you are simply filling a gap inside you. A disconnect from your Soul. 

Stick with it and see what comes up for you.