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Paint your masterpiece this festive season

As I celebrate all that is 2014 and set my sights on 2015, I aim to make each and every moment an unique aspect in my artwork of life.


Each interaction with each individual, each choice, each breath, each moment are all part of my masterpiece.

Wholeheartedness and presence leads to consistent and steady transformation. We are aware of what our whole self desires in the moment.

When we honour this without apology, we flourish and flow exactly to where we need to be.

My intention for the foreseeable future is not to get caught up in what I think I should be doing, or what I think others think I should be doing, but rather checking in what my heart desires, being present and acting from a place of wholeheartedness.

So here's to making present and wholehearted choices as best we can in each moment.

Presence is the best Present you can give;
to yourself 
and to those around you