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The Art of moving out of Stuck-ness

So you may have noticed a trend with my blogs, I tend to only write something when it’s really screaming for my attention… and usually the inspiration comes directly from my clients… which is often a reflection of exactly where I am at at this moment also (yes I do have my own issues)


This week/month’s focus is the feeling of stuckness. Of emptyness. Of how the hell do I get through the next 5 weeks till Christmas-ness. 


Do you know this feeling??


It’s that feeling of waking up early as the sun rises, but not really wanting to get out of bed. And if you do manage to get out of bed, it’s the desire to sit with your cup of tea all day long. 


Know it??


So how do we move through this? Cos, it’s nearly summer, the time to reap the rewards of the spring harvest. To eat fruit and be merry. But, how can I do this when I’m exhausted and lost my mojo??


Perhaps this is a result of not hibernating and restoring your energy during winter? Perhaps you ploughed through the colder months as if you had energy to burn. As if you were invincible. You thrived even… but now… there is something lacking. 


So again, how can I move through this? 


My feeling is firstly to take the time to be aware of this fatigue and lack of motivation. Just feel it. Acknowledge it. Rest a little (or a lot). Say no to anything that is just not rocking it for you. Delete some social engagements that don’t engage you. Sit in the morning sun with your tea and recharge the bones with the Sun’s endless energy. 


Energy is endless you know, it never finishes or ceases to exist, it simply changes form or location.  Think of the incredible life giving energy of a tree, cut down and stored in the wood, burnt and converted into heat from a fire, transferred into biochemical energy for your body. So technically you can't be without energy, it is always around us. Moving across varying potentials of energy. 


You need to change your form. And perhaps your beliefs around what energy is. 


Try something new. Hang out with new friends. Read something you wouldn’t normally choose. Buy a new recipe book and get creative. Go to some new markets. Look up a new website/ blog to lose yourself in rather than good old facebook or instagram. 


Start small and work up to the big stuff. 


I’m not suggesting to quit your job or get a divorce… yet ;)


Working out what makes you happy NOW (now what used to or should make you happy) Then DO IT. Schedule in the time and make it happen. Only you can do this. And like I said, start small. It doesn’t have to be huge or overwhelming. I mean, heck, try Earl Grey instead of English Breakfast.


Then once you start to build some momentum toward present time happiness, you will start to see messages or signs to help with the bigger stuff. You will be more connected to your feelings so will begin to connect to what is working and what really isn’t. Inertia begins to act as a positive force toward positive change.


I love the “law” by Mark Manson, “The Law of Fuck Yes, or NO”. If it isn’t a “Fuck Yes, then it’s a NO”. 


This is what I’m implementing at the moment… do you think it might be of benefit to you too?