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When TRYING just doesn’t work anymore

Is your path filled with Nature's confetti or do you keep choosing to walk in the mud?

Have you ever felt you are just TRYING your way through life? Feel like everything takes a lot of TRY?

Best try-er award goes to…

Yes? Well trying is all very well and good, but I’ve decided that PROSPER, FLOW AND SUCCESS are qualities I would much prefer to have in my life.

As soon as I decided this (and I think it was quite an unconscious decision) my life began to change. 

Body image and health issues dropped away, I was no longer battling my body, I knew my body was simply reflecting to me all the things I was trying too hard at. My own clinic space appeared from the last place I would have ever have thought to look. My relationship became deeper, easier and more mutually supportive. My self love and trust moved up a few rungs on the positivity ladder.

But HOW you ask? To be honest... just stop trying. Choose the easy option. See the big picture. Stop overthinking it. Connect to the FEELING of it already being prosperous, flowing and successful. 


Get out of the way!!!
Set the intention, put the wheels into motion and get out of the way.


This doesn’t mean sitting on the couch and just hoping. It doesn’t mean having take away every night and neglecting life. There is still work in prosper, flow and success. However the effort leaves. If you are setting the best intentions for YOU and you have TRUST it will happen and it will happen without the ‘try’. You begin to enjoy the journey- that path filled with confetti.

The mind is a powerful beast. It takes control, thinks it knows best and keeps us stuck. So lets let go of the mind and tap into our higher consciousness, our intuitive nature, the support networks around us and the sense of ease we all deserve. 


And seriously, it’s the way of the living. 


Look at the natural world around you- do you see animals choosing the hard option? I have never seen a cat doing the dishes, while checking their emails and brushing their teeth all to get out of the door in time to catch the bus through peak hour for a 8am appointment. Animals, nature and those flowing spiritual folk LISTEN and RESPOND to what is on offer by choosing the best available option in that moment (and usually it’s only one at a time).


They choose the opportunity that offers the most prosperousness, flow and chance of success.


Being present will help. Alot. Letting go of the old belief that think there must be good ol' hard work. Yes there most likely will be work, but it doesn’t have to be hard.  

You can choose the qualities you want in your life. Why don’t you do it right now? Go on, choose some.