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Changing the Glasses

Ever wonder when it’s time to let go of the hurt and the pain and move on? It can be tough, as often we feel we still NEED something from the situation… recognition, support, understanding, thanks… but do we? Why are we searching for this from outside of ourself rather than honestly and opening giving ourself that feedback?

I’m talking about the times when you wanted MORE from the situation… When you felt betrayed that he or she didn’t do this or that. They didn’t say thank you. They didn’t help you out. They did something awful perhaps and never took responsibility for it. They used you.

So I started to look at this in myself and in my life and I started to see a pattern. This was how I was treating myself.

Have you ever done it to yourself? Pushed too hard without offering love or gratitude to your mind, body or heart? Took too much from self and didn't give or receive anything in return? I know I have. Many times. Gosh, I trained in Classical and Contemporary dance 6 days a week for 3 years whilst working part time and partying super hard, I then went straight into professional dance work whilst still working part time. During these 10 or so years, I don't think I gave myself more than 2 days off in a row from exercise. 

This leads me to wonder… do we create in our life what we are giving ourself??

What happens when we give OURSELF more? More love. More understanding. More support. Will I also attract it in? I think the answer is a resounding yes. 

It is, perhaps, a tricky transition to make. I heard the words ‘selfish’ ‘lazy’ and ‘really?!?’ popping into my head. 

So lets change those glasses. Put on the rose coloured ones for awhile… See how the world looks from a tinge of pink. A tinge of self love, support and understanding. Like how you would treat your best friend perhaps. Why not? I’ve been working on this for awhile now and I really quite like it :)

This perspective shift has to apply to how you look at the ENTIRE world and how it's unfolding, as well as yourself and your actions. There needs to be a sense of overarching trust and positivity.

I’ve been told that sometimes I’m not in the ‘real world’ that I’m this butterfly that just expects that it ‘will all work out’ (yes I have been known to say that) I’ve also been known to say “how can this be wrong- it is what it is” and “the Universe works in mysterious ways”….no actually I don’t think I’ve ever said that one out loud, but I’ve definitely thought it!!

This is highly frustrating to anyone wearing their brown coloured glasses (you know- all they can see is the crap). But I choose (as often as I can) to see the pink. Why wouldn’t I?!?!?! Why do we feel the need (often as a whole society) to focus on what’s lacking?

It’s the common statement to a child who comes home with a test result of 98%… “so what did you miss?” I mean really, come on!! New phrase “wow that’s amazing, go you! What was your strategy? Did you have a study plan? Did you ask lots of questions in class….” Have a moment of praise, of wonder, of acceptance. Then lets look on the learning that has been offered to us. What WORKED here. 

Sometimes it can be difficult to see what worked if there are layers of murkiness and pain involved. But keep digging and you will find it on some level of your consciousness. This can actually change your life (but then again it could just be what you’re allowing your attention to shift toward)

Lets focus on the positive and continue to try and grow more positiveness in the world. Look at what’s working and bring more of it in. Look on what can be improved and bring more of that in. Rather than always cutting ourself and each other down to size, lets support each other to build more good.

Lets acknowledge what we are ALL bringing to the table, warts and all, and see how we can make this WORK. If the time spent our Parliament slandering each other was spent focusing on developing new policies in alignment with what is creating positive growth and change in our society, I’m sure our world would be a richer place in all senses of the term. But this has to start HERE. Within YOU.

Gosh, could you imagine the time we would free up if we stopped slandering ourselves? 

We might even work out how to let that old stuff go. 

Lots love