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Protecting Myself...

One of the most commonly asked questions in my clinic is… ‘how do you protect yourself from all this stuff (energy, emotions, beliefs) flying around?!’

Well you asked so here I go...


I have a few strategies. The most important is being present to the current situation.

I set the intention that I am present with each and every client. The whole time. The moment I feel I’m drifting off somewhere is the moment my energy is vulnerable. Being present to what is actually happening in the moment is a great way to protect yourself, as you feel what is coming at you and you can choose what to do with it. Feel it, express it and then let if flow through. I visualise I have lovely deep roots that the e-motion (energy in motion/ emotion in motion) can flow down out of my body and into the Earth. The old discarded ‘stuff’ acts as a type of compost for the Earth. I am then nourished by the fresh energy that she sends me back up through the roots.

If I’m not present, then the energy/ emotion/ belief is more likely to store in my body/ energy field. This doesn’t feel good as it’s not my stuff.


I use energy clearing sprays between each client to clear the room and I spray it over myself also. I open the window and allow fresh air to flow in. I use Australian Bush Flower Essences Love Spray, Shell Essences Harmony Spray and the Liquid Crystals Clearing Spray. 


Crystals. I use crystals like Lepidolite, Black Tourmaline and Black Onyx to create a shield which stops the e-motion moving upstairs into my home. Lepidolite is also a great protector from harmful EMF’s from wi-fi, power lines and electronic devices.


Hydration. I keep super hydrated. I drink so much water, herbal tea and coconut water on my clinic days (and all days really) I use vibrational Hydration drops to make sure I can absorb the water or add a pinch of Himalayan Salt to the water. Adequate hydration enables me to move the energy. If I’m dehydrated I’m affected by the energy; I usually end the day exhausted and don’t want to talk to anyone. If I maintain my hydration, I can be in the clinic all day and feel great at the end.


Boundaries. I know my limits and I don’t push them. I have set myself a maximum working time per day. Yes I work long days sometimes, but I won’t actually work with clients for more than 7 hours in a day.  If I start early and finish late, I will ensure I have breaks during the day where I nourish myself with good food, meditation and/or fresh air. Going for a short walk around the block in the afternoon or at the end of the day is super helpful to shift anything that doesn't feel good.


Self Healing and Clearing. I give myself healing when I can. This might mean a short meditation in the afternoon. It might mean as I’m falling asleep of an evening I give myself some Reiki or do a body scan clearing. It might be a foot rub as I’m sitting on the couch. Listening to soothing or classical music as I’m doing emails/ driving. These small acts of self love make my energy stronger and clearer. 


I hope you can take some of this into your life. So often we carry around other people's junk. We’ve got enough of our own stuff to sort through, we don’t need anyone else’s.

We’re also disempowering them from learning their own lessons in life by trying to do it for them.

Let them sort their own stuff so they don’t keep creating it.

Give a man a fish and he has one meal, teach him to fish and he’ll never be hungry (or something like that)…


Lots love