kinesiology brisbane

Here are some bits and pieces that might be helpful if you are on this active journey of life... I'll keep adding to this


Practitioners I love to collaborate with for your health

Dr. Joy Hussain- Integrative GP based at Samford Village Family Practice

Andrea Wardle- Naturopath, Homeopath and Energy worker, based at Red Hill

Emma Harley- Clinical Physcology and Spiritual Counselling



Tools You Might Enjoy


E-Motion The Movie 

A great documentary exploring energy and the body- will help you to understand what actually is happening in a session with me


Soul Space Brisbane

My most favourite space in Brisbane for personal transformation! Yoga, workshops and therapies.



A great site for online meditations and inspirations



A simple yet effective website and apps for mobile phones to help with meditation and sleep



Great site for those with a foundation of yoga and/or meditation and wanting to develop a home practice. Wide range of online classes in all types of yoga and meditation